Clean”er” Eating : A fantastic Blog with simple ideas to promote a healthier lifestyle

Fotor041617458       Recipes Here:

1. Strawberry Sundae

2.Chicken Chimichanga

    3.Zucchini Cakes

4.(Zucchini Cakes as Buns)Veggie Burgers

We are all continuously searching for a lifestyle that can miraculously fit our unique lives. From the way we manage everything we do on our to do list, to the choices we make in what we feed our offspring. Which is why I decided to create this post:)  I often run into daily challenges and I’m sure you do too. I can get into a routine one week, and completely get off track my next grocery trip. Life in general is overwhelming, and the vast world of advice on how to go about eating, to ensure we are taking care of our bodies to the best of our ability. It’s a lot. But, we know it’s important. It’s crucial. It’s our responsibility. I want it to be simple! I want to understand the food industry better too! That possibility for my brain to understand may take a while, so for now I thought it was necessary to share this blog with you>

We all have our favorites and some of them are filled with terrible things. I do feel it’s almost unfair how difficult companies make it for us to find things that are actually safe. I love the idea that this talented lady takes requests! She loves the challenge in helping you find a way to eat the things you truly love without feeling guilty afterwards, both mentally and physically.  Our bodies beg for nutrients, and I for one want to make the begging stop. I want to always do everything in my power to better myself. We are human, and we fall down every now and then. Do not ever give up in trying to do right by you.

Aspire to be better:)


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