Splatter Painted Table Runner


Here lies a craft of fun! I wanted a table runner for my daughters birthday table, something pretty. I found this online and decided it would be perfection.

You need:




Lay your popsicle sticks horizontally in the length you need, on each put a popsicle stick in the center. Take your painters tape or masking tape, you will need a few strips. Cut off a piece the same length as the runner and attach it to the back so that all the popsicle sticks stay connected. Transfer your table runner to a paint friendly surface. In a cup squirt about 3 colors of acrylic paint in your choice. I chose Yellow, Pink, & a pretty Blue. mix in a tiny bit of water, not too much or it will be too runny. With a small tip paint brush and a semi thick end you can create your masterpiece. Throwing your paint brush with out letting go in all different directions.


Here is the  Inspiration! As you can see here, this is unique, simple to make, and pretty!


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