How to: Tassel Garland


Things you will need:

measuring tape or ruler



cord such as jute or twine. (not bakers twine, yarn, etc. needs to be a sturdy cord)


With this project I chose 3 different colors and tried to mix it up on how many I did with each. I had 1 yard in each color on hand. So I planned how many I would make in each color. Yellow:2 Pink:4 & Grey:2. I cut rectangles out to create each Tassel measuring 18 inches in the longest length.


Folding it in half like so ( excuse the blurriness:))

Before you begin to create the fringe pattern go ahead and cut a long strip of fabric, enough to wrap around the end and tie at least twice.


After folding in half you can begin from right to left cutting the fringe, leaving about a 1.5inch uncut. you can make each cut as thin or as thick.

tassel4Unfold the fabric and spread out completely. From one end begin to roll it all the way up as snug as you can all while keeping the fringe from getting tangled.


Fold in half as shown, grab that long strip of fabric and tie around once. When it’s time to tie onto your cord (material of choice) you’ll want that extra length to tie once more.



Here is the Turnout! I tried to mix up the pattern as a tied each one to the cord. :):)


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