Carlie is Turning 5!!


My baby girl is growing up:) Her birthday falls on the 27th of December, which is extremely close to Christmas Day. So every year I am challenged with the task of separating the two Occasion’s. Carlie is a dinosaur fanatic, this girls dream is to meet a real dinosaur. It’s heartbreaking and great at the same time, cause that never needs to happen.

There is a dinosaur movie conveniently coming out this month:) “Walking with Dinosaurs”.  I already had this vision of a dino party, even though it is normally difficult considering our families are all spaced out to really come together and make it happen. A few days ago we were getting ready for school, while fixing Carlie’s hair I was asking her about what she would like Santa to bring her for Christmas( To get more Ideas). She said, “I want Santa to buy me the movie Walking With Dinosaurs.” In my brain I was thinking this is Brilliant. So as an extra idea for Carlie’s Birthday I thought of some kind of Coupon as a Stocking Stuffer she could receive from Santa as a birthday gift.

christmas coupon

One For Carlie & One For her Big Sister!

I went to Pinterest for a free font that reminded me of Dinosaurs. I chose one called Jurassic Park & downloaded it onto my computer. Find it here. Found a template on Word that included a good spot for a picture. I found this movie poster picture online by simply searching in bing images. I created the coupon to my liking and cannot wait to give it to them!! Her birthday falls on the Friday after Christmas, it all works out nicely:)!!!


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