My Realistic Transition

So I have struggled with feeding my family for the past  6 years, that sounds pathetic. Since I had my first baby I have went back and forth with making the right choices when it comes to food and beverages, eating out and cooking with healthy ingredients. I feel that I am and have always done reasonably well with choosing the right things to put into my grocery cart. There have been weeks when chocolate have been the main focus in life and days when I didn’t know what was trustworthy. I think that my family and many families are really busy. Looking at the ingredients is stressful because none of it makes sense, and counting calories is something that is hard to commit to when everything that is bad tastes so good. You see it daily on Dr. Oz and you see it all over the health and fitness section on Pinterest: that clean foods are great, make healthy lifestyle choices, this diet really works, and etc. I do not want to nag anyone when we all already know what is obviously better for us. I don’t want to act like my kids are angels when I put green beans on their plate. I do not want to act like my 6 year old doesn’t eat every time she is finished eating. Raising your family to become wise food choice makers is a big challenge when you yourself rather not make those wise choices too.

I know first and foremost my husband is not a vegetarian and my kids have no idea but they are because meat looks weird to them. How in the world do you get protein and fiber and the right amount of servings of fruits and vegetables, and all the vitamins into their daily diet when they hate every bit of it. In the land before our time processed foods were nearly non-existent. Pre packaged everything are the convenient choices that do make things so easy.

It is up to each of us to figure out how to make the things that seem like a chore a way of life. Make the decision to understand what each of these ingredients really do to our bodies. Research, who has time for that. I need choices that are simple, and I need them to be user friendly when preparing. I do not know about you but sugar has got the best of me. I cannot believe I have a true addiction. and then when you do know what types of sweetners that are good for you, they come in little bags for high prices. I need a cup for every time I make tea. I make that stuff daily. If I decided to invest in that bag I could only use it twice. pretty annoying, but possibly worth taking that step into the right direction. I have learned a lot about the things I’ve been putting into my body, I have learned that I cannot cold turkey this. A realistic transition to encourage my family to eat what we already know is true to taking care of our health.

Why I want to eat Clean!

I want awesome skin

I want more energy so I can be a better mom

I want to avoid cancer and all those diseases

I want my children to have the absolute best lifestyle

I want my husband and I to set a good example for our children and anyone who knows us



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