I love The Honest Life



So finally a book that makes this whole lifestyle less complicated, for me at least. There are hard to pronounce words on everything, ingredients, and chemicals everywhere in everything. The things we are surrounded with today are so much different than all the things we grew up on, especially our parents too!  Cancerous ingredients left and right, and I’m tired of it. All I want is to make life simple, safe, and healthy for my family. I do not want to feed my children (including our family dog) or my husband poison, or let them use long term harmful products. I have been searching for ideas, recipes, knowledge, and I am overwhelmed in the first place with the information that is out there. We all know how true this is, the overwhelming amount of information can really help make it easier for you to give up. I have tried many of these ways as well. I need, excuse me I care about making this a lifestyle for my children, and finally for me and my husband. We both had amazing childhoods in many different ways, and we can really notice such a difference in where we are and how we live today.


I have been reading this book which is also a great reference guide, and I really love how she breaks things down and puts everything into categories. This is a system I use with absolutely everything. Categories are so great for my brain. She covers each important topic too! I grew up watching Jessica Alba, I’ve even seriously no joke, been called by her name. From a distance as a joke I know, but still never will forget how flattered I was. She is gorgeous, she also sounds like a super mom. I know that being super at everything really just comes natural to women:) at the same time, who has time for it all? But it is just such a truthful way to live, to live honestly. When you feed your body good, clean, things> I know it will give you time. Time to feel beautiful, to feel proud, and to feel right about how you are living!


This message she is giving is perfection basically. There are many books out there, and maybe I am drawn to this one because its one of my favorite famous people. But I am really glad I got it, I am glad that I now have a reference guide too. To make this all happen gradually through time. My children must grow up eating and living around things, knowing things that make their life long lasting, and full of clean choices. I want them to feel great inside and out and instill this idea early on. It is understood how dangerous things have become today, I just want to do right by my family always.

In all areas of our lives we should find ways to incorporate trust worthy products, rather it be food or lotion. Like all the ways of the world are telling us, ease into it. You will see a difference.




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