pantry organization


Step One: clear it out, completely.

That way you can really sort out what you want and don’t want. You can check dates on cans and boxes and see what has been sitting in the back of your cabinets forever. I guess I finally broke down to purchase containers to help make the confusion a little less stressful. I always pass by that isle and refuse to pay 3.47, but I finally did and it was so worth it. I open up the doors and it’s like a little break from chaos.

cabinet after

For my cabinets I labeled each shelf to give me an idea where I wanted everything to be. Top shelf is dedicated to cereals and pasta. Middle Shelf to cans and boxed items. The bottom are snacks and drinks. After deciding this I went and bought a few different types of storage containers to contain the mess. I found the 2 green containers in The Dollar Tree. I remember a yellow set of these in my house growing up, so that was one of the reasons I wanted to have them. I like that it helps you save space by being able to stack them. A few baskets to hold loose ends and there you go! A little better of a view than before.


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