Enjoy Your Life


It has been too long since I’ve last posted anything. I’ve been tied up with classes that I am taking. I definitely need to get back to where I was and stay focused on my goals here. I am guilty of being lazy as well, it’s a struggle we all face from time to time. I have a belief system of life standards and goals and this all takes motivation. I recently¬†heard that Steve Martin, whom I love sooo much, has had his first child. This reminds me that I am such a young parent, and I truly do not want to waste any more time than I have with my ruts of being too tired to keep up with their energetic, rambunctious ways. There are ways I know it, and though I feel I need 25 hours a day instead of 24 hours I know this is possible, it has to be. For the sake of their happiness, it has to be. I came across an amazing article and I want to share with you what I have learned and the realization that has come over me.

A child faces many emotions on a daily basis, and I am aware of this, but I haven’t paid the right amount of attention necessary. Yes, I tackle parenting issues on a daily basis, and I do my very best, but we are all our own worst critics, and for most of us we feel there is always need for improvement. Am I right? or am I right?






Now after looking at these five words I am heartbroken to realize the possible moments I may have not noticed these feelings occurring in my precious children because something else has distracted me. It’s true we are not perfect, “and that is a scientific fact!”(Champ Kind quote:)) Yes my children are happy kids, and for the most part everything is wonderful. Like I said there is always room for improvement, and this will not happen unless I commit to it. That is a word that does not fit into my vocabulary, but come on Lynette! yolo. jk. I feel that these people of this young generation stole that from me in some weird way. I always quoted the soap opera title growing up> “one life to live”. So back to what I was saying. Commitment! lets commit so we don’t regret! sort of rhymes. Lets pay attention to these difficult stages in their lives and make these years count! Are you with me?!!

check yes or no:)



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