The Prelude


I have come across a solution to my bad habits, and I am feeling inspired to tackle this bad habit and make it right. Starting January First Two Thousand Thirteen I will begin this journey.

I’ve on again off again surfed the internet looking for ways and ideas on how to control my finances and keep us under budget, I have yet to find a plan that I can stick to, or am interested in trying. Until this blog> This idea of fasting with your money sounds like quitting an addiction, and to do it cold turkey I only hope I can commit to it. I have dealt with many bad habits, and I’ve made myself proud many times, so I have confidence in myself that I can achieve this goal if and only if I don’t give up! because man oh man do I have a problem. I am not included in the group of people who have full time jobs, or even part time jobs and Earn money. I am a stay at home mother, and I have a family of 4 well 5 when you include our dog Bella. I have done fairly well in keeping us a float, but I know in my heart it is time to give myself and my family some financial discipline, we’re by no means rich, so we Must stop acting like we are!

I have to toughen up and learn how to say no for unnecessary things to these cutie faces!

Some how.



The first step into the right direction is making that list of needs and wants.


Mortgage ~ Auto Insurance ~ Utilities & Gas ~ Car Note ~ Internet & Satellite< I understand that these two things are more of a luxury, I promise to myself that I will find every way I can to cut back on these two monthly bills ~ Food & Gas.


Junk Food ~ Tobacco products for my husband ( I see this as unrealistic, but a girl can hope) ~ Clothes ~ Outings( not hard, we’re homebodies:) ~ Movie Rentals < Oh my gosh, can I even do this? ~

There are things that I know and I have always known, but I continue to fall for it all. I am talking about sales, and advertisements. I know that these things that are on sale right now will be on sale again another time, so I can do without that particular item at this very moment. Part of the issue is our weekly grocery bill, I must tackle that budget first and foremost, because within that bill everything comes out: household items, gasoline, drinks, school lunches, dog food etc. I have considered getting a deep freezer and a membership at Sam’s Club. still a definite option. On this year long journey I do not expect to get out of debt, I expect to make a lifestyle change in hopes of improving our spending habits and learning how to be more responsible financially.

My husband and I are about 5 months a part in age, so I think (and I know it’s just me) that we sort of think a like. We are both mature in many other areas, but still learning when it comes to preparing for a comfortable future, and a dependable retirement. We do not have those things you need right now: like a 401K, or a college savings fund for our children. and that reality is unacceptable to me. I’ve always believed that every new year for me starts on my birthday: February 10th. I like to start my resolutions then normally, and I have never completed a single one. I am still 20 lbs away from my weight goal, and I am still eating bad choices on a daily basis.

I can actually make a list of all of the things that have gone wrong in my life or the lives of people around me so far this year, and on top of that, the awful news we hear going on around the world. I compare that to the fact that this year is supposed to be the end of the world. I believe that these things the world has witnessed, and the experiences that I’ve felt with my own heart, are just as close as being an end of the world type thing as you can get. I live on a little piece of earth, I have my daily routine and that’s all I know, somewhere in another place in the world there are things that are going on that are unheard of, that are disturbing, and painful to even imagine. I have this little goal, and it is only to better myself, it’s only to set an example for my children. It’s a small goal, and there will be challenges that I will face, but I refuse to whine, and I refuse to act like I am suffering. I plan to do this to prove to my husband that this isn’t how we have to live forever.



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