3 Steps To Pantry Organization

Happy Holidays! I just wanted to create a post on some organization tips, and share some useful finds I have found online myself.

Step 1: Baskets!! We all have miscellaneous items that need a home, this makes everything look a little cleaner, and easy to find. I like these can dispensers just to keep everything sorted, and the baskets with handles. I have 2 little kids, I can store all of their little snacks in these, they just grab one and look for something and put it back when they are finished. My next goal is a step stool, since 9 times a day I hear a kitchen chair being dragged across the floor.


Wal-Mart 6.00 Each


                                Wal-Mart 2.00 each        Make Bake Celebrate

Step 2: An Inventory List!! I like to keep the list so I can write down expiration dates mainly. Once you write them down, you sort of have a clue of what is going bad the soonest, and what needs to be consumed first. If you have the time you just need a few minutes and this can be helpful in the long run.



Here is a link to the Free Printables I love to use : Pantry and Freezer Inventory List

Step 3: Clear Containers!! I know this is an obvious way to organize food , but I have to include it in my 3 simple ideas.  I like to use clear containers for all of my pasta, rice, cereal, dog treats, etc.  My tip would to be sure that you make labels on the containers too, to put any information that you think would be useful for you and your family. For example >>Instant Rice, I need those directions, if I want to make a serving for myself or for more than a few people I can never remember the ratio between water and rice. You would think that someone who grew up with a Filipino mom would know, and also know how to make rice that isn’t instant. Below is a link to this awesome blog about a pantry expansion. I love how she repurposed and used a variety of containers.

pantry 034

Clear Container Idea found here

While I’m at it here is a link to some free and really cute labels!!

pantry labels


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