I would consider myself as someone who is clueless when it comes to the idea of using a coupon. I mean yes I know that you cut it out and hand it to the cashier, I was once a cashier:). I think this way because every store has different rules. I know that I have gone on long enough without coupons in my life though. Just like Raymond’s dad said in season two. “You’re throwing away money!!!!” So for the past however many years, I’ve been throwing money out. In fact I haven’t even given it a chance. Probably because I am a no name brand kind of gal. Most of the coupons I see are for name brand items. I am part lazy as well, but I am on My Journey to becoming Financially Responsible, so I am giving coupons a go. I have discovered that a good way to start this way of shopping is to purchase a Sunday paper, and just leave it at that. You’ll get your local sale ads and a few books of coupons. Plenty to choose from.

The way that I am choosing to begin this, in order to make it Simple, and less confusing. I am going to focus mainly on using coupons towards my stock pile I attempting to create. That is correct. I am starting one of those. I just see the great sense in it, to stock up on your daily household items and other food items that take up to a year or so to expire. I actually remember that my mom does this and always has with basic needs like toilet paper, but I want to do a little more. I want to increase the amount and include food related items. In the long run using coupons is a smart thing to do as long as you know that it is for an item you regularly need. It is also extremely important to have your own price book. You need to have an idea how much these things normally cost, and if the store brand is always cheaper. I have always been a weekly grocery shopper, I’ve tried the go once a month or go twice a month, and those are still goals.  So I have been able to memorize many prices for many of the normal things that I need. A price book is basically a list and will help you sort all those numbers in your mind, and something you can bring with you while you shop in order for you to keep track of what you are doing and what is cheaper on that trip for that particular week.  Getting a good deal is always awesome and using them on sale items is even better.


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