Almost time to start my journey

Since my last post on this I’ve been dreading January first to be completely honest and sensible. I’ve purchased things thinking “it’s ok because next year I won’t have this chance.” I’ve come to a certain amount of eagerness as of today though. I am looking forward to that day, I think the future has seemed cloudy these past few months, and today I just felt like I could see the clouds part ways a tiny bit. I can see the reward and the joy that this discipline will bring to me. I can see that feeling this burden being lifted will make me a more pleasant person, and a more happier person for my family to be around. Being free and in control of our future will show my beautiful kids how to be free and in control of theirs.

I woke up feeling that feeling you get when you just want to lay there, you just want to scroll through pinterest on your nook and lay there quietly to get that little bit of me time before anyone else wakes. My husband wakes up and kindly asks me “Are you ready to get this show on the road?” and I kindly say  “yes of course.” On other mornings it usually goes like this, Husband: “Woman where’s my breakfast?” Wife: “Freakin’ make your own food stupid!” and I get up make everyone breakfast and me a hot cup of mocha cappuccino. Yup, and were cool with that. For some reason that makes us laugh, when we pretend to be mean people. But back to my quiet peaceful awakening this morning. I know of our day ahead of us, and that even though we are only traveling a short distance for the day with 2 kids a dog and a husband, I must have everything organized, everyone fed, and everything packed. I like that I am feeling nice, as I lay there my mood is hanging out at a place it normally doesn’t hang at during this time of day. I want to get up and do all the things I have planned, and with a smile. Today is the day before Christmas. The day we have been waiting for. I find today inspiring that maybe just maybe in a week when this is all over and it is time to begin a new year, that I will be just as eager as I am now to start this journey.

I am extremely tired of not being in control of our future, and I am very ready to be an adult about all of this. I do think it’s a little funny, and very common that January 1st is probably the only day out of the year that your confidence, determination, motivation reaches its highest peak. Rarely do people meet their resolutions for the year, but some people do. Some people reach their goals without even having to make a new years resolution, and I am really hoping I can just be that way. Of course this spending fast isn’t the only thing on my list. I’m an Aquarius, I can’t help this part of my personality. The part where I have to have a million goals at once, and put them before anything and everything. It can be my strong suite at times though. I do believe with all of my heart as long as I keep telling myself this, that we will meet these goals. I strongly want to learn what it is like to have discipline. I am a stranger to this word, and we seriously need to meet.

My List:

Start Spending Fast ( make an organized binder about it with to do lists, dividers, and stuff)

Yoga and Cardio weekly ( 3 times a week dedicate my health to this routine)

Nutrition Habits( we complain about pains, do somethin’ bout it)

Eliminate Financial Burdens ( Slowly but Surely we’ll lift this weight)

Practice Piano (a past time, and I know this is how I can get to know myself better again)

So far this is all that I can think of. I will meet you back here in this category soon. In the mean time I will gather ideas to help make this journey easy, and motivating on a daily basis.


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