Thursday the sixth


Some times I wonder how we’ve made it this far. It will be 6 years next summer. News comes to us in many ways, with joy or with pain. On this morning of December, when all of the world is going about their daily lives and starting their day with conversations, and turning on computers, sipping on coffee, or flipping light switches. I am waking up to a reality that I must face and conquer. I will make the best of every minute we have if it kills me. These storms are nothing compared to the joy I have in my heart. 2 little girls, a puppy named Bella, and a husband who makes every effort. I feel like we’ve had one of those Chevy Chase National Lampoon vacation type of years. Where everything that could possibly go wrong, actually does. I will always remind myself that there are people in this world who literally have nothing. I will not be that person who thinks they are so out of luck that they are unlucky, because I’m still lucky. I’m still here, and I still have an internet connection, clothes on my back, and a working heater.

This year has been a crazy one, almost seems right to call it an Armagedon type year. At the same time a lot of incredible things happened this year as well, that do remind me that not all is lost in this struggle of trying to get to where you want to be. I guess that is just the way life goes, you have your good days and your bad days. It’s a perfect balance to keep things going. I guess this year stands out from experiences I’ve had that I never wanted to have, and the realization that all the things I care about out in the world are way over my head to even put a dent in making a difference. Then that sounds hopeless of me to think that way, but I have to be honest. Honesty puts things into perspective.

 I have a goal, well many goals. Just like we all do, to better myself every day would be number one.  I must point out that this year has taught me many lessons.

Lesson 1: Death is inevitable, it happens to everyone.

Lesson 2: There isn’t enough time, even when you feel like it’s all you have.

Lesson 3: They tell you that you never know what could happen, be prepared, but you don’t listen. You should listen.

Lesson 4: I am the example that my children will follow, take it seriously.

Lesson 5: Money will buy you happiness, but not for long.

Lesson 6: Being honest with yourself will only make life easier.

Lesson 7: Things will come around, in the mean time, Watch Ellen!

Lesson 8: The world is bigger than your living room, don’t miss it.

Lesson 9: My health depends on me and me alone.

Lesson 10: When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, Speaking words of wisdom, Let it be.


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