Have you thought of this yet? if not youre so welcome!

For a while I would pass by the display of plastic carriers at various stores like Hobby Lobby, and I would always avoid purchasing one because I thought “do you really need one Lynette?” well yeah I do actually. When it’s time to clean around the house, we do our routine and we carry all of our supplies room by room. I am sure many have realized this hassel and has figured something out to make this chore as simple as possible. This is what I came across: A while back I was in a rut, a caffine addiction rut. I was making almost daily trips to Sonic, because I have this picky thing about how I can drink a carbonated beverage. It must be a fountain drink, I will not drink it from a can or two liter or a 20oz etc. So these little drink carriers were piling up> So here you go, a way to carry your cleaning supplies, project supplies etc.  around your house.


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