All things….Carl

My husbands birthday is getting pretty close and I have now finished filling up his gift bag. He is an aspiring writer, so I decided to make sure to include a couple of things that will always be useful for him now and throughout. I love to pick out a bunch of things, useful, and things that define his personality, celebrate who he is. Which now that I think about it, I am sure that is how everyone in the world handles getting a gift for someone.

Included in his little gift bag: A flannel shirt for this time of year. A chocolate candy bar with his favorite college teams logo, some pens and a pack of little notepads, A book called “Save the cat! The Last book on screenwrting you’ll ever need” by Blake Snyder, and another book titled “Screenwriting the sequence approach” by Paul Gulino.

And here is the Awesome Birthday Card!

While I was writing a beautiful personal note inside I thought about giving him money, thinking haha since we share an account, so I decided to make a check out for something rediculous. I chose the amount of one million dollars and twenty-seven cents.

Oh How I love the Avengers, possibly more than my husband does. I may remove the string and frame this.


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