Monday the eighth

Here I go, here I go, here I go again (again? )
Girls, whats my weakness? (MONDAY!)
Ok then, chillin, chillin, mindin my business (word)
Yo, laptop, I looked around, and I couldnt believe this

I couldn’t believe that today I actually woke up on the good side of my bed. You know? the side where one kids foot is on your ear, and you try to lift your arms but they’ve been stretched above your head for the past 6 hours so they are all soar, and another kid is staring straight at you when you randomly open your eyes at 4 a.m. NO joke. really it happened. My 5 year old was smiling from ear to ear staring making her eyes spread open as hard as she could. She thought it was so funny, like she had been planning it for the last 5 minutes waiting for me to look at her. Maybe that is what made me open my eyes, you know when you have a feeling someone is staring at you. SO yeah I think it was a good side of the bed. because my husband is 5’11 and when you are scooted to the edge with a little over a foot of space in width to work with and our 50lb dog Bella only likes to lay horizontal, then that would be the miserable side. I was determined this morning to not hit the snooze button for an hour. Failed. Every morning our room sounds like a Mariachi Band. Maybe not exactly that type of music, we have 2 cell phones and a radio alarm clock that are not all set at the same time for some reason, and all have different alarm time settings. Why did we do that? we should fix that. So we just have alarms going off every other minute and even though I look at my phone and it’s 7:07 I will reset my alarm for 7:10, because it matters. and then I will hit snooze again. Some how I manage to get my kids fed and ready, myself ready, my husbands lunch packed, and a cup of something for me to drink made and consumed within 20-25 minutes. A habit I plan to kick. I have been wanting to wake up at 6:00 for months now.

 I want my husband and I to get up and work out, eat some protein and energy stuff and start the day off the right way. I won’t give up, I still have faith in our abilities to overcome this daily habit. I have already managed to work out two times last week, starting thursday. The secret to working out is not stopping your routine. I would work out for a week straight and then months went by before I tried again, and then again. The big challange for me is working out that first day and maintaining that motivation. In this blog, I have so many ideas, and so much realness to everything. I know what it feels like to wake up and not know how to feel, I’m tired of that side of me. So I hope you are interested in how someone like me can Aspire to be better than I was yesterday. Life is about bettering yourself. The better you feel, the better people around you feel.


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