A sunday afternoon

 If you are looking for something quick and easy to create with your little ones: This is a simple activity you can do, we made it about 10 pages long. First we drew the pictures together and then we went back and I let her make up the story for each picture as I wrote it down. She drew the page numbers and helped cut the yarn.

All you need is LoVe: and things you probably already have lying around the house.  Scissors, a whole puncher, some yarn or string, paper of any kind, and markers or crayons. I love to use Crayola Thin Markers for everything.

Here, Riley is working on a page in our soon to be Awesome Book.This is the begining of a tree she wanted to include in our story.

Here are all the pages in order getting ready to be put together. You just stack them, punch the wholes and tie them up with yarn.

There you go, a very quick activity to do that will pass some time, and create a little memory with your kiddo. This is now apart of our bedtime story collection:)


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