Hair Care

Shampoo: Infusium 23 Frizz Controller; Conditioner: Infusium 23 Frizz Controller; Hair Serum: One N Only Argan Oil

I have a problem with changing up my shampoo and conditioner every time I run out. I am currently using this stuff. I decided Infusium because I tried it back in the day when it first came out, and the smell has always stood out to me. I freakin love it! I got the kind that says get rid of your fly aways, because that is something I thought I needed to be done. I have always had a poofy frizz baby hair problem, so I thought I’d check this out. The softness is evident, I have been having some killer soft hair lately. I chase my husband around the house just to make him feel my hair, or when were going to sleep I talk about how soft it is. So yeah, I like this stuff, but maybe it’s my fault. I didn’t really have a huge fly away problem and I now I do. I like to look at it as a stage of softening and moisturizing my coarse hair and it has to make all my baby hairs stick straight out and then it will pass. I am still going to continue using it, and play it by ear if I make the decision to buy a completely different brand when this stuff runs out.

Everyone knows what Argan Oil is, I’m adding it here because it’s just what I use. This helps with those fly-aways wonderfully. I put this stuff on after washing my hair, I avoid using it when my hair is dry because it tends to make it pretty oily, and I’ve learned to apply this stuff through the ends of my hair only. It helps put some weight on frizziness going on.


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