Dexter Episode 2

Oh dexter, you kill me.

I have been anxious for this season, since last season seriously terrified me. I mean, I am older now and I could care less in watching anything scary, I enjoy calm environments, and sipping through a straw out of a mason jar. A couple of years ago though I was introduced to this TV series, a friend let us borrow the first season and my husband and I have been hooked ever since. I really think I have great taste when it comes to tv, and movies. Maybe not music as far as my heavy metal crazed husband is concerned, but I really think that this show deserves all it’s glory.

So this season I can’t believe what is gonna be played out. Of course I will not give any details what so ever, because I hate it when people spoil things for me, but man oh man! I cannot wait. My husband and I pretty much get showtime during the fall and drop it after dexter is over, I know that isn’t cool, but oh well. Last Sunday was the premier and when it was over all I can remember while watching previews for next week and throughout the season was how low my mouth was dropped. My hands did not know what to do but to wail around and grab parts of the couch I was sitting on like I needed to fall over. It is INSANE in the membrane, let me tell you! When I watch suspensful anything there is always a scene where you’re like “Why!? Why do it, just don’t do it!!!” That is pretty much what I am screaming at the T.V. when it’s just more than I can handle. It’s like I didn’t know how to breathe afterwards. I absolutely LOVE this tv show.


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